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FurFresh Aqua Brush

FurFresh Aqua Brush

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Say goodbye to dog bath stress with the Pupswellbeing FurFresh AquaBrush.

No more stressful bathing for your dogs and you.
Pupswellbeing dog bath brushes are some real " game changer" to make it easier to bathe your dog at home. No need to force him into the tub.
EXCEPTIONAL SIMPLICITY : The Pupswellbeing FurFresh has been designed to facilitate the bathing and grooming of all types of dogs. Whether your dog is long-haired or short-haired, it gets the job done efficiently. This innovative brush transforms an otherwise stressful task into a relaxing experience for you and your pet.
ABSOLUTE SPEED : Spend less time brushing with our innovative brush design. It cleans, massages and loosens your dog's coat faster than ever. Thanks to the Pupswellbeing dog brushes, bathing sessions become child's play!
MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY : Our dog brushes thoroughly treats your dog's coat to remove all residue, dirt and tangles. With the Pupswellbeing Aqua Brush, your dog will have healthier and shinier fur than ever!
SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES : The Pupswellbeing brush is compatible with all hair types. Whether your dog has a short, long, thick or fine coat, our brush will make your life easier! In just a few brushes, you will see a noticeable difference in your pet's coat.
MAXIMUM PLEASURE FOR YOUR DOG : Thanks to the soft bristles of our brush, your dog will enjoy a pleasant massage during his bath. It's well-being at your fingertips ! With the Pupswellbeing FurFresh Aqua Brush, your dog will always ask you " when is the next bath ? "

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